Components Repair Management. Our goal is to offer cost effective solutions within exceptional TATs. Working closely with the partner repair stations we can reduce the aircraft down time to minimum. Send us your parts for repair and you will receive the repair quotation promptly. We can always try to expedite the component´s completion if your aircraft gets into critical situation as we fully understand that each delay might cost you a fortune.

All repair stations used by GOAL Aviation are approved by the relevant authorities and are constantly observed to ensure adherence to GOAL Aviation quality standards. Do you need bench test, repair, overhaul or modification of your component, our highly experienced team will take care of your repair order.

All components are released back to services with EASA and/or FAA release certificates. Practically we can service any type of the rotable component for you which do have the CMM. Our repair capability includes but is not limited to the following list of aircraft components, this is just a low portion of our capabilities to give you an idea.


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